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Greenspace’s sensory identity for Evari conveys the strength, speed and agility of a Swift in flight

With a focus on quality, simplicity and sustainability, film-maker and product designer Craig McDonald has assembled an expert team to create Evari (derived from the abbreviation EV for electric vehicle and ‘Aria’ meaning air), a future-facing British company producing a competitively priced, all-road, premium commuter e-bike, devoted to elegance and experience. 

London-based branding agency Greenspace were brought on board to develop a cohesive strategy and detailed identity, resulting in a custom wordmark with a corresponding bespoke single-case typeface and numeral set. Inspired by the common Swift in flight and the capitalised initial ‘E’, the logomark conveys a sense of fluidity and frankness, but a sense of solidity and strength as well, constructed of two concentric circles geometrically referencing the bike’s construction. In conversation with Toray Hussein, Senior Designer at Greenspace, he explains that “when the electric motor kicks in, there’s a strong feeling of lift-off which makes the experience feel effortless, almost as if you’re being carried.” With the aim to distil this sensory experience in the identity they developed for Evari, Hussein tells us that “we felt this was best communicated through a bird in flight, and a Swift, which is known for its strength, lightness, speed and agility was the obvious choice.” 

The wordmark naturally paved the way for the rest of the brand, allowing everything to fall into place; utilising Klim Type Foundry’s Untitled Sans to support the identity. “We set about finding a supporting font that, much like the design of the bike, was beautifully crafted and engineered,” Hussein explains, noting that due to the saturated, maximal aesthetic of the current bike market “we wanted the Evari brand to cut through all the noise, something the supporting font totally delivers on.”

This sense of assertiveness within the brand is consistent throughout, even regarding the photographic treatment and imagery; with aspirational, dramatic photography that provides an emotive feeling of style and elegance. “It’s as much about the bike as it is the people that ride them,” Hussein tells us, “and the things that owning an Evari enables you to do.” These striking photographs are paired with a series of abstract textures meant to further articulate the experience of riding the Evari bicycle, but doing so in a more artistic sense contrasting to the steadfast nature of the wordmark. 

Typeface: Untitled Sans by Klim Type Foundry

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