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Guud Studio brands Melting Landscapes, a project capturing global warming’s impact on the Arctic

Melting Landscapes is a long-term project by award-winning Spanish photographer Fernando Moleres highlighting the impact of global warming on two of its biggest victims: Iceland and Greenland. The images capture both the beauty and the tragic transformation of the fragile and inhospitable Arctic.

Awareness of these issues is vital as we enter a period in our history that requires action from governments and on a personal level. The large scale burning of fossil fuels has lit global warming’s fuse, with scientists warning of unsustainable rises in global temperatures unless drastic action is taken as soon as possible. Observational evidence from all continents and oceans shows that natural systems, including the glaciers and ice caps of Iceland and Greenland, are in danger of being wiped out by climate change caused by human activity.

The We Are Water Foundation teamed up with Moleres to present Melting Landscapes in an exhibition format at the Roca Madrid Gallery. The event took place between the 7th February and the 13th April 2020 and, as well as the photography, featured two video installation from Pepe Molina, a filmmaker and photojournalist who accompanied Moleres on his Arctic adventures.

Barcelona-based Guud Studio was invited by the Gallery to design the visual identity and full set of communications for the exhibition, including the catalogue, invitation, tickets and ads. Their stripped-back solution aims to enhance the striking and pure nature of the photography through simple typography and structured layouts. The melting logotype creates a visual link between the design concept and subject matter, adding a subtle quirk to an otherwise intentionally plain identity system.

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