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Heritage Futures by The District

Heritage Futures is a four-year research programme funded by a UK Arts and Humanities Research Council grant and supported by partners including the Anthropology Institute at Minzu University of China, the University of Gothenberg, The Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew and the Svalbard Global Seed Vault. The project is carrying out ambitious interdisciplinary research to explore the potential for innovation and creative exchange across a broad range of heritage and related fields, in partnership with a number of academic and non-academic institutions and interest groups.

Intrigued by the challenge of articulating the future of heritage, we approached this as a philosophical subject that we needed to subtly reference in the identity and visual language for the project. The arrow device creates a strong marque which references the non–linear, incorporating the flexibility to create sub­brand icons to express the project’s four research themes as well as provide a toolkit for further graphic expressions of brand, such as infographics. Our use of RGB blue gives a strong but ‘under-designed’ feel to the identity, recalling the raw visual of archival systems and reflecting the confidence of the research programme with unpretentious simplicity.

Text: The District

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