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The identity for Tobia Scarpa’s exhibition mirrors the mathematical precision of his work

Andrea Guccini and Giulia Bardelli combined to design the visual identity for an exhibition by Italian designer and architect Tobia Scarpa titled ‘Dall’Arte Della Misura Silenziosamente’. The show was presented at design store Paradisoterrestre in Bologna throughout January and February 2020 and defined itself as an uncritical interpretation of the enigmatic 1514 artwork ‘Melencolia 1’ by Albrecht Dürer. Since its birth, the engraving has repeatedly obsessed many intellectuals and artists, counting Tobia Scarpa as one of them.

His interpretation focuses on two specific geometric elements of Dürer’s work: the polyhedron and the magic square. By researching hidden sides and identifying symmetries, he created two sculptures for his show, Festuca Lapis in marble and Scudo Magico in iron and brass, and a print limited to 100 copies.

The exhibition’s visual identity aims to subtly add intrigue and personality to the show without taking any focus away from the work itself. Through a meticulous typographical approach, the position of each letter is precisely positioned, mirroring the mathematical nature of Scarpa’s works.

Paper: Fedrigoni X-Per 140gsm
Typeface: Helvetica

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