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Bayntel allows companies to express their potential through strategic analysis of their audience by using a predictive model.

Tiffanie Mazellier, a freelancer based in New Caledonia, designed Bayntel’s identity to reflect values of reliability, safety and precision. The visual language of simple geometric forms makes complex analytical data easier to digest.

Busaba, the Thai restaurant group, has a new brand strategy and identity thanks to London-based creative agency Paul Belford Ltd. They were briefed to create an identity rich in meaning, reflecting Busaba’s founding Buddhist philosophy.

The logo represents a flower, alluding to the fact that ‘Busaba’ can mean ‘flower’ in Thai. It also references the shape of the gerbera flowers that greet guests in every restaurant. In Buddhist teaching, they symbolise impermanence and serve as reminder to live in the present moment.

Common Weal is a progressive think tank and advocacy group which campaigns for social and economic equality in Scotland. The name comes from the old Scottish term for ‘the common good’.

The identity system, by Glasgow-based studio Tangent, focuses on the themes of balance and equality. Commonweal Gothic, a free-to-use custom typeface, sits at the heart of the typographic system.

Bodha is a ‘therapeutic perfumery’ that was founded in 2014 by Emily and Fred L’Ami as a result of their lifelong fascination with ritual and scent. Their products bring together the art of perfume and the science of aromatherapy.

Fred is also an award-winning graphic designer and founder of Studio L’Ami, meaning they didn’t have to look far for a visual identity. The tactile packaging system emphasises the quality of the products through blind bevel-edged embossing and textured paper stocks.

Jamestown is a global investment and management firm that stands for progressive placemaking and prime investment opportunities.

They commissioned German studio No Service 24/7 to bring their renowned brand into the digital age. The result is a versatile identity system that accommodates Jamestown’s wide range of assets and anticipates the future of an industry in transition.

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