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Every day, our inbox overflows with interesting and inspiring projects from all over the world. To make sure more of them receive the attention they deserve, we have THE INBOX, a collection of five of the best projects, every week. If you are interested in sending us your work, download our submission guidelines from our Information page.

Boetiek Vincent is a second-hand clothing store in Ghent, Belgium that’s owned by SIVI, an association of poverty-combating volunteers. After dwindling in popularity for several years, they employed local design practice Eye Studio to design a new identity that would help the store appeal to a broader, trendier audience.

Their solution is intentionally straightforward in order to make communications clear and universal for people from different cultural backgrounds. At the centre of the visual system is a pair of cartoon hands, designed to cross the language barrier and spread a light-hearted, jovial message. They’re contrasted with the logotype, which is set in Druk Medium to give the store a confident presence. To reduce costs and with sustainability in mind, all communications are printed black and white onto an ecological paper stock.

Muma is a gin brand that “embodies the Mediterranean lifestyle”: sophisticated smells, intense sensations and an ongoing drive for freedom and discovery. Those features are captured in the brand’s visual identity and bottle design, which was developed by Milan and Rome-based agency Carosello Lab.

Through a potent yet delicate combination of serif typography and illustration, the design represents Muma’s “will to experiment, drive to discover the unknown and desire of unique sensations”. The agency designed two different bottle labels: one for the main 50cl bottle and one for the smaller one-serving-size 40ml bottle. They are printed on Arconvert Waterproof White FSC paper using Kurz Luxor 386 foil, offset black and Pantone 564U.

Premi Poesia Marta Pessarrodona is a written and audiovisual poetry contest for young people created by Festival Elixir and Ajuntament de Terrassa. When creating the contest’s identity, Barcelona-based Bakoom Studio looked into the core of what poetry is: a way to use any artistic language in actions, situations or objects to inspire sensations, states, beauty, points of view or relationships between concepts. As a result, they decided to interpret the meaning of various poems from a purely typographic perspective, using a neutral sans serif to “highlight the virtues of the construction”.

Lo de Évole is a news show that’s hosted and directed by namesake Jordi Évole on Spanish television channel LaSexta. Liverpool and Barcelona-based studio Escola was commissioned to redesign the show’s on-screen credits, as well as its social media and advertising strategy.

Inspired by traditional magazine and newspaper aesthetics, they combined Heavyweight’s elegant serif Cigars with Colophon Foundry’s quirky sans Mabry. The typography sits within a flexible grid system, created to house varying content types with clear and direct hierarchy.

LOS is one of Norway’s most abundant energy providers. To help them prosper in an industry characterised by rapid change, fierce competition, new business models and increasing customer demands, they turned to Oslo-based studio Neue for a revitalised, digitally-focused visual identity.

The new-look is based on the concept of ‘good energy, made simple’, which is represented in the design through bright colours, clear typography and affable illustrations by Oscar Grønner. Neue stripped away all of the unnecessary decor that plagued LOS’ previous identity and tweaked the old logo to make it feel cleaner and more confident.

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