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Every day, our inbox overflows with interesting and inspiring projects from all over the world. To make sure more of them receive the attention they deserve, we have THE INBOX, a collection of five of the best projects, every week. If you are interested in sending us your work, download our submission guidelines by clicking here.

Durasein is a world-leading manufacturer of acrylic solid surfaces, a flexible building material that’s used in everything from hospital sinks to cutting-edge architectural foyers. Operating in an outdated industry where the product has been highly commoditised, they needed to find a way to break the mould.

That’s where the London office of international design agency Re came in, positioning Durasein as a challenger brand for a new generation of forward-thinking architects and designers. The new identity is built around the central idea of ‘creatives for creatives’. This concept is visually brought to life through a collection of dynamic ‘D’ logos that adapt to different situations and environments, representing flexible and creative partnership as well as the malleable nature of the product itself. The rebrand has helped Durasein deposition the old guard in the solid surface industry and become a real catalyst for change in the service of creatives.

Norwegian healthcare company Ably Medical is revolutionising the very core of patient treatment. Their hero product, the Ably bed, is built from several spine-like springs that move independently to make it easier to move patients and control pressure points.

Heydays and Miles Newlyn’s logo for Ably is directly inspired by the bed, with its smooth curves representing the product’s technologically-advanced springs. The background pattern symbolises the collection of data from pressure points, as well as organic movement and the warm touch of a helping hand.

Sop is a bodycare and fragrance brand that’s made, bottled, printed and fulfilled in the British county of Norfolk. It was founded by Fiona Burrage, the Creative Director of lifestyle brand Nor–Folk and Co-director of design studio The Click, who are responsible for Sop’s visual identity and packaging.

The name is a playful twist on the famous phrase ‘a sense of place’, changing ‘sense’ to ‘scents’ to encapsulate the locally-crafted product range. The team decided to use aluminium bottles after an extensive research and consultation process. Despite sourcing good recyclable plastic options, they discovered that aluminium is not only easier to recycle, but infinitely recyclable. The full product range is available from

MIKKE is a clothing brand stationed between Belgrade and Toronto. Its straightforward designs and high-end materials have seen it gain traction in the local fashion scenes of both cities.

They appointed Belgrade-based studio SNOW to help them reach a wider audience and capitalise on their initial flurry of success. The studio created MIKKE’s visual identity to reflect the brand’s values: elegant, minimal and tactile.

The Book Block is an industrial bookbinding technique manual. It was developed as a collaboration between Portuguese design studio Itemzero and printing specialist MaiadouroThe publication, which marks the first entry in the duo’s ‘Making a Book’ collection, collates 17 of the most common industrial binding techniques into six categories. It showcases what’s possible with each one, making them accessible to design veterans, bookbinders, authors and students alike. Find The Book Block at

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