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Every day, our inbox overflows with interesting and inspiring projects from all over the world. To make sure more of them receive the attention they deserve, we have THE INBOX, a collection of five of the best projects, every week. If you are interested in sending us your work, download our submission guidelines from our Information page.

Based out of Amsterdam, Other Echo is a digital learning platform for established and aspiring electronic music producers; offering a wide range of interactive courses, workshops and mentorships from experienced trainers all around the world. Its visual identity is the result of a collaboration between Glasgow’s Faith Studio and Amsterdam’s studio_ink_work. Embracing the idea of Other Echo being a facilitator for learning, the duo devised a straightforward yet energetic graphic system of geometric shapes that move and combine in a multitude of outcomes to represent the platform’s range of courses. “Every shape within the modular system has been carefully crafted to convey a particular detail about each course on offer,” Faith Studio’s Creative Director Martin Duff reveals, “whether that be the course type, the course skill level or the course group size.” The system prospers in its innate simplicity, with CoType Foundry’s sans serif Aeonik adding a subtle technical edge. “We opted to use Aeonik as the ‘structural workhorse’ of the brand,” Duff adds, with its ‘mechanical details’ complimenting “the linear grid-based system the brand is built upon.”

Founded and designed by Shanghai-based influencer Jessie Shao Zhuzi, TIPTOE&ROLL is “an everyday apparel brand made by women for women.” Aiming to be confident and strong, Beijing and Toronto-based design practice Meat Studio found inspiration in graphic ephemera from a variety of social movements and protests; and a result, developed a custom condensed sans serif for the brand’s wordmark. Sophisticated yet aggressive and relevant yet timeless, the typeface is a bold protest against stereotypes of feminine brands.

Owned and operated by qualified doctors, Skinclub is a leading Australian cosmetic clinic in dermal fillers and non-invasive treatments. Ryan Romanes Studio was commissioned by creative consultant Kelly Thompson to develop their visual identity and website, as well as the packaging for their eponymous aftercare range of products. Their solution aims to make patients feel safe and in trusted hands, with traditional typographic pairings and a soft skin tone-inspired colour palette helping to fuse natural characteristics with clinical undertones and a feeling of inclusivity.

Octavia is a family-run catering company that works with clients across London and the southeast of England; embracing local and seasonal produce at their Sussex-based kitchen. Commissioned to create their brand, Jo Shackleton’s Brighton-based design and branding company Eighth Day developed an elegant solution filled with warmth and texture in an attempt to reflect Octavia’s personable operation. At its core are a bespoke crest and serif wordmark that convey a sense of quality and heritage; while natural textures in the form of embossed G . F Smith Colorplan papers and the supporting typeface choice of Grilli Type’s GT America Mono add a contemporary edge.

After struggling for years with skin concerns, Cottonly’s founders decided to launch their own brand; beginning with the first and arguably most important step in a skincare routine – cleansing. Embracing the natural qualities of cotton, they developed a range of compostable wipes, with each variant woven with a pattern to address a particular skin concern. Their packaging, courtesy of graphic designer Leah Procko, aims to be effortlessly photogenic through an earthy colour palette, terrazzo-esque patterns and embossed logo; while feeling in line with the brand’s sustainable credentials. For the typography, Procko utilised the work of German designer René Bieder – calling on the “softness and approachability” of his geometric sans serif Campton for Cottonly’s wordmark.

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