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Established in Russia in 1997, Faberlic is a decade-spanning brand with its fingers in many pies; from skincare and makeup to clothing and homeware. Making its way into their arsenal in 2021 is Bioglow – a mass-market line of skincare products built around Vitamin C as its core ingredient. Taking on the job of designing Bioglow’s identity and packaging system, Moscow-based studio Redo Bureau chose to focus on its primary selling point; embracing the bright orange most commonly associated with the vitamin in question. The colour is complemented by a positive, tongue-in-cheek approach to messaging inspired by billboard advertising; aiming to further reinforce Bioglow’s attributes. “We used the humanistic Big City Grotesque and Bodoni-inspired Kazimir fonts to create this energetic city vibe,” Redo Bureau tell us of their choice of typefaces, adding that the “contrast between the weights and styles helped us create a dynamic and transparent way of conveying the marketing messages.”

Founded in 2021, the Stauffer Center offers courses taught by internationally recognised artists for soloists and ensembles specialising in string instrumentation. Its home – the Italian city of Cremona – is where violin-making began, earning it a reputation as the ‘city of violins.’ Astrid Stavro and her team at Pentagram crafted the identity for the Center upon its opening; aiming to reflect its vision for the future while acknowledging the city’s historical significance. The centrepiece of their solution is a typographic system hinting towards the instruments at Stauffer’s heart. Devised from the base of classic sans serif Neue Haas Unica, a series of delicate inline letterforms are cleverly constructed from four lines to represent the four strings of a violin, viola, cello and double bass.

Made between Berlin and Haarlem, Hometown Journal is an independent magazine and coffee table book focusing on the contemporary creative landscape; with stories, photography and illustration packed into a dense, high-end reading experience. Released in May of 2021, its sophomore issue spans 156 pages, 7 different paper types and 14 printing techniques. Alongside fine art photo prints, delicately crafted foldout sections and up-cycled plastic, it features 16 creatives from 9 different countries; including interviews with American photographers Alec Soth and Andre D. Wagner as well as Australian band Desmond Cheese. Find it at

Using Art Therapy techniques, Magic Canvas helps children that have experienced traumatic upbringings to unlock and understand the events and emotions of their past. Aiming to make the challenging topic of psychotherapy appealing and digestible, as well as tackle the misconceptions around it, London-based Magpie Studio devised a brand for Magic Canvas that emphasises inclusivity, warmth and self-expression. Their solution revolves around the simple idea of drawing how you feel, resulting in a visual language that balances bright colours and scribbles with unpretentious typography and a kind tone of voice.

Based out of Tel Aviv and New York, Trullion is an AI-powered platform that automates accounting workflows for CFOs, accountants and auditors. From the logo through to its accompanying visual language, Israeli designer Emunah Winer’s identity for the company revolves around the motif of a ‘single source of truth;’ reflecting the company’s transparent, real-time software solutions. Alongside the typographic trio of Favorit, Recife and GT America, Winer devised a series of paths, patterns and circles to represent a traceable path of information on its journey; pairing it with a sober colour palette of black, white and blue.

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