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Every day, our inbox overflows with interesting and inspiring projects from all over the world. To make sure more of them receive the attention they deserve, we have THE INBOX, a collection of five of the best projects, every week. If you are interested in sending us your work, download our submission guidelines from our Information page.

The MK Gallery brings an international programme of exhibitions and events to Milton Keynes, a large town north-west of London. In 2019 they re-opened with a newly extended building, designed by 6a architects, offering a larger gallery space, a new auditorium for events, performances and film screenings, a café and a dedicated learning studio.

Alongside the re-opening, London-based designer Mark El-khatib was commissioned to rebrand the Gallery to help to raise awareness of the programme within the local community. Drawing on the inherent graphic history of Milton Keynes, his solution brings out the natural geometry of the letters ‘M’ and ‘K’, pairing them together into a simple graphic mark. The combination of the logo, Commercial Type’s Graphik, and an expansive colour palette, forms the basis of a flexible and playful visual language.

AG Design Agency created the visual identity and promotional campaign for Pandemic Architecture, an international ideas competition by Archisearch and Design Ambassador. The competition is an open dialogue, looking for ideas from the architecture and design industries on the future of living, working and travelling as the world faces ongoing health threats. More details about entering the competition can be found here: designboom.

SOIKK is a fashion brand from Stockholm that designs and manufactures bamboo-yarn socks, which are then dispensed from state-of-the-art automated kiosks. The name itself is an anagram made by reordering the letters of the word kiosk. Madrid-based studio fagerström designed a minimalistic identity for the brand that revolves around a simple uppercase wordmark and a series of patterns derived from the sock designs.

Candela is a collection of 12 private villas within the leafy Tulum jungle on the Caribbean coast of Mexico. The name means candle in Spanish and is also a scientific measurement of luminosity, which recalls Tulum’s past as a location with a lighthouse.

Puebla and New York-based design practice ILVZ Estudio designed a luxurious and typographic identity for the development that references these themes, as well as the characteristics of traditional Mayan architecture. As well as a website and catalogue, they created a greetings box that included the pictured bottle of Barro de Cobre mezcal.

North Star Film Alliance (NSFA) is a joint venture between Estonia, Latvia and Finland that joins them together as a singular filmmaking region, servicing global film and TV productions. With Christopher Nolan having already shot Tenet in and around Tallinn, it looks like the region may become a new production hotspot for other Hollywood blockbusters.

International design agency BOND created an identity system for NSFA that positions them as the ‘backdrop’ for a filmmaker’s vision by embracing the neon colour from a green screen. Film-related typography and witty messaging are intended to engage with industry insiders on a personal level, functioning as a killer conversation starter within a world where personal connections have the utmost importance.


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