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Every day, our inbox overflows with interesting and inspiring projects from all over the world. To make sure more of them receive the attention they deserve, we have THE INBOX, a collection of five of the best projects, every week. If you are interested in sending us your work, download our submission guidelines from our Information page.

Senser is a range of alcohol-free ‘Plant Spirits’ from the mind of award-winning herbalist Vanessa Jacoby. Each beverage harnesses the transformative properties of plants through a blend of active botanicals such as compounds, micronutrients, minerals, vitamins and protein structures.

London-based studio Magpie’s branding and packaging for Senser captures the mood-elevating effect of each spirit in an upbeat story. They begin by introducing the key ingredients, then quickly ramp up to an unexpected reveal – the metamorphosis into a symbolic spirit animal. Each spirit in the range has its own animal and associated narrative, creating a distinctly playful tone for the brand. Magpie’s work has received an impressive lineup of awards from organisations including D&AD, Design Week, Dieline and Drum Design.

Fuller is an independent brand communication agency, home to a team of strategists, creatives, digital natives and craftspeople in Adelaide, Australia. Having not rebranded since 2012, they decided a fresh look at their identity was required.

Through a confronting analytical process, they realised that their strength was in the parts that made Fuller whole: the history, family, staff and diverse range of clients. This concept is brought to life through the arches and triangles of their new geometric logotype. The colour palette reflects Fuller’s origins in writing and newsprint, with a bright indigo accent reminiscent of a blue biro breaking up the minimalistic black and white designs. To avoid flourish and transcend trends, Optimo Type Foundry’s Plain is used as the primary typeface.

Open Platform (OP) is a Copenhagen-based architecture firm that was founded by Jennifer Dahm Petersen and Niels Lund Petersen. As well as their day-to-day commercial output, they provide an ‘open platform’ for expressing oneself and inspiring others through architecture, politics and art.

Today Studio worked closely with the firm’s founders to create a flexible identity system that not only captures OP’s spirit but is also capable of embracing any future creative output. The resulting identity revolves around a dynamic ‘O’ and ‘P’ pairing that moves around to create space. This ‘in-between’ space is a canvas for OP’s visual and verbal expression, and potentially even the viewer’s projection.

Bomor is a family-owned bakery in Guatemala City that’s been making traditional bread and pastries for over a decade. Its visual identity, devised by Guatemala-born, Mexico City-based designer Andrés Higueros, is intended to be an update on the bakery’s long-standing values. By using contemporary typography in combination with a retro stamp, this idea is brought to life – and also helps the bakery save money on packaging and production.

Belgian producer Adriaan de Roover commissioned Antwerp-based designer Ward Heirwegh to create the artwork for his first record since leaving his ‘Oaktree’ moniker behind. De Roover produces electronic music, drawing a pallet of sounds from manipulated field recordings and distorted rhythms. The album was put together in a small chalet in the Ardennes, a Belgian region filled with forests and greenery, and is aptly titled ‘Leaves’.

While there, De Roover took several snapshots of the area and of a collection of flowers that his grandparents brought to the table. For the artwork, Heirwegh decided to do to these images precisely what De Roover does with his music: layering, distorting, cleaning-up and manipulating.

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