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Every day, our inbox overflows with interesting and inspiring projects from all over the world. To make sure more of them receive the attention they deserve, we have THE INBOX, a collection of five of the best projects, every week. If you are interested in sending us your work, download our submission guidelines from our Information page.

Sesión is an award-winning, small-batch tequila, founded by Jennifer Hawkins and Jake Wall, made in partnership with one of Mexico’s oldest and most respected distilleries.

Re, a design agency with studios in London, Shanghai and Sydney, was commissioned to rebrand Sesión with the aim of positioning tequila in the same vein as gin, which is often perceived as the first drink of the night rather than the last. The ‘O’ in the new logotype dips over the horizon like a setting sun and the photography brings in the long shadows and muted tones of the evening.

The Beverly Hills Courier is a free weekly tabloid-sized print newspaper that provides recreational, political and creative news in and around the Beverly Hills area. It was founded by March Schwartz in 1965 and has a weekly print run of around 40,000 copies. The publication was recently rebranded by LA-based studio Hype Type, moving away from its stacked masthead to a simpler, single-line solution.

Yasmin Hackett makes a collection of handmade jewellery from her studio in Melbourne’s iconic Nicholas Building. Her love for crafting was born from playing with clay as a child in her grandmother’s pottery studio. Each individual piece of jewellery bears the prints of Yasmin’s hand, an intimate detail that signifies her work and ensures that no two pieces are the same.

Ashley Simonetto designed the identity for the brand to highlight Yasmin’s simplistic yet highly-skilled approach. The delicate ‘yh’ link in the logotype represents her ability to carefully bind challenging materials together.

ArkDes in Stockholm is Sweden’s national centre for architecture and design. Boxen, ArkDes’ new platform for fast-changing, experimental exhibitions, provides space for alternative voices to inspire discussions about architecture, design, and their relationship to society. In 2018, ArkDes invited Studio Reko to create the new platform’s visual identity.

Their outcome is based on the geometric architectural elements of the building itself. Its experimental toolbox allows each exhibition to have its own expression while still relating to what has been shown in the space before. The identity continues to evolve, introducing new colour and shape combinations for each exhibition.

Starting Strength was born as a book that explains how to develop strength in an efficient and effective way through basic barbell lifts. Its success has seen it develop into a renowned training system that’s taught at gyms, seminars and training camps around the world. Due to its explosive growth, Starting Strength initially used its book cover graphic across all brand extensions, which quickly came unstuck and looked tired.

With this issue in mind, founder Mark Rippetoe commissioned Barcelona-based studio Diferente to create an identity system for his company that would work across a wide range of formats. Diferente’s solution takes direct inspiration from the statistical nature of the original book, using playful arrows alongside bright colours and simple typography. The serif wordmark intends to feel unexpected and different from the intimidating condensed typefaces often used in the fitness industry.

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