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Every day, our inbox overflows with interesting and inspiring projects from all over the world. To make sure more of them receive the attention they deserve, we have THE INBOX, a collection of five of the best projects, every week. If you are interested in sending us your work, download our submission guidelines from our Information page.

Volume is a collection of jelly cocktails named after ABV (alcohol by volume), the standard measure for determining the amount of alcohol within a beverage. Available in four flavours, from ‘Serrano Spiced Paloma’ to ‘Pink Lemonade Cosmopolitan’, Volume’s jelly delights are contained within a unique cube container designed by San Francisco-based designers Ching-Fa Lung and Yura Park.

Playing on the unusual form of the product, Lung and Park created a tightly-set serif logotype that highlights the intensity of the flavours packed within the cubes. Elegantly located at the base of the packaging, the logotype is intentionally subservient to the vibrant colour of the jelly while sustaining a sophisticated, understated presence.

Operating from just outside of Melbourne, Kearney Group provides integrated financial services such as business advisory, accounting, bookkeeping, private wealth management and strategic lending. Despite their innovative methods and impressive awards catalogue, their dated identity and website were damaging their long-term growth and recruitment prospects within a very competitive market.

Brought in to rejuvenate Kearney Group’s brand, local design studio Self-titled decided it was essential to move away from cheesy aspirational imagery and instead focus on their unique combination of transactional and transformational skills. Working around the concept ‘from Logic to Magic’, they developed an energetic, multi-faceted approach led by the work of not one, but three illustrators: Elin MatildaBen Sanders and Kim Lam. A series of whimsical visual puns and metaphors, the illustrations combine with Displaay Type Foundry’s elegant serif Reckless to better represent Kearney Group’s position as an industry leader.

Established in 1997, Auckland’s Silo Theatre is one of the leading producers of contemporary theatre in New Zealand. With a brief to create something fun, accessible and widely-appealing, local studio Seachange came on board to create a campaign for the theatre’s 2020 lineup. Their solution, which evokes stage lighting and the concept of being in the spotlight, revolves around a series of bold, two-colour photographs. Shot within a studio with post-production kept to a minimum, the imagery combines typography and graphics with a host of performers to playfully represent the character of Silo’s 2020 programme.

Swan produces sugar-free soda water in a range of flavours, from nut cola to grapefruit, made with all-natural ingredients and dyes. Created by Artem Lebed, the foundation of the company was inspired by a childhood memory in which his sister found herself in trouble after consuming a slew of sugary beverages.

Working in close collaboration with Lebed, Kyiv-based agency Orchidea designed Swan’s identity and packaging with a balance between elegance and brutalism in mind. The logotype, which is a custom version of Afronout Regular, contains graceful details through the ‘S’ and ‘A’, while wholesome illustrations represent each flavour in an accentuated manner.

A local favourite since opening in 2014, Trumpy Bar & Kitchen in Melbourne boasts a relaxed atmosphere, lofty ceilings and a delicious selection of food. Together with owners Jay Rayner and Jamie McEntee, nearby designer Peter Trigar rebranded the bar with the overarching concept ‘enigmatic dinner to possible party’ as a nod to its late-night opening hours. The new identity is centred around a bold ‘T’ monogram and a daring colour palette. The brightness of the red and blue combination emphasises the not-so-typical feel of the late-night spot, which when used alongside a subtler dark grey, form the basis of a sophisticated yet loud identity system.

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