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IYA Studio’s identity and packaging for House of Cans gives precedence to their collaborators

Working with the likes of Adidas, It’s Nice That, New Balance and Hato Press, House of Cans is an off-license like no other; working with independent breweries and some of the industry’s most exciting creatives to develop limited-run, collaborative beer cans. 

Taking up a physical store space, as well as online, House of Cans reached out to IYA Studio to develop an identity that is equally as supportive as the concept store itself – creating a wonderful, workable and compelling design system, alongside new in-house can labels, a custom website and a new logomark that takes inspiration from the cans atop the store shelves.

Capitalising on the playfulness of the context, the London-based studio developed a charming, energetic and candid identity upon a rigorous, typographic grounding – using a subdued colour palette that gives greater emphasis to the brightly coloured collaborative cans.

Opting for TIGHTYPE’s robust grotesque Plaid as the typeface of choice, Creative Director Matt Cottis tells us “the typeface expands in width as well as weight,” which in turn “allowed us to create a natural hierarchy between the information found on the can.” As a result, the information on the beer is beautifully reserved and simultaneously incredibly lucid – directing our attention towards and giving precedence to – the phenomenal illustrations and creatives involved in House of Can’s collaborations.

Typeface: Plaid by TIGHTYPE
Photography: Jonathan Donovan

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