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Kantine Kiosk by Daily Dialogue

With the beginning of the winter semester 2016/17, The Academy of Fine Arts Munich launched a new gastronomical concept. Two separate venues, the in-house canteen and kiosk, were reopened to cater to students of the academy as well as visitors. We developed a corporate design uniting the two places into one single brand and establishing a new point of recognition at the Academy of Fine Arts.

The visual appearance of Kantine Kiosk creates a bridge between identity and individuality. Our long-term project supervision gives us the possibility of developing solutions that focus on great creative freedom and lead to a strong visual brand identity. The close and mutually enjoyable collaboration with Kantine Kiosk allows a continuous expansion of the project.

The logo system is based on the merging of both titles. The canteen and kiosk are one single institution within the academy. Applied to individual purpose, each venue is defined by crossing out the other one, again featuring the overall design concept.

Text: Daily Dialogue

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