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Kevin Högger and Jalscha Römer combine to create a bubbly identity for Zurich-made Urban Lemonade

Urban Lemonade is produced, bottled and distributed by a small, family-led team in Zurich, Switzerland. It’s made using the yuzu, a citrus fruit that is thought to have originated in China and has since become a popular ingredient in Japanese cuisine due to its tart and fragrant flavour. The yuzu gives the lemonade a subtle freshness, reminiscent of a spring day on the southern Japanese island of Naoshima.

The sparkling beverage was first produced in 2018 by Urban Högger, uncle to Zurich-based graphic designer Kevin Högger. He joined the team, along with fellow designer Jalscha Römer, precisely one year after the first batch was bottled. Together, they created an identity for the brand that’s just as fresh and bubbly as the lemonade itself.

The bright yellow circles that fill nearly every brand application symbolise the yuzu fruit itself as well as the bottled-up carbon dioxide. A mixture of high-end materials and fluorescent inks underline the quality of the soda and add a tactile, premium quality to the otherwise whimsical design.

Typefaces: Funktional Grotesk by Typografische Systeme / Isar by Office for Typography
Photography: Tobias Siebrecht

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