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Kevin Nowak, Sebastian Hofer and Max Karall brand an Austrian wine, using ink made from its own grapes

Since releasing his first wine in 2017, Luka Zeichmann has gained the kind of reputation that you would normally associate with someone much older. Only in his mid-twenties, he is working tirelessly to continue his late grandfather’s legacy; producing love-filled wines from his vineyard in Burgenland, Austria.

His latest release, Ausdruck Der Natur (Expression of Nature), is a 2017 Traminer, an aromatic type of wine with pungent floral fragrances and spicy overtones. Just like his grandfather, Luka believes wine should be completely natural and sustainable. This principle is not only embedded in the wine but also on the Traminer’s bottle, which was created with the help of local design trio Kevin Nowak, Sebastian Hofer and Max Karall.

Pressed grapes, the waste product of the wine-making process, were used to create a completely natural ink. The team screen printed the ink, which is the first of its kind, onto the brown labels by hand. The wine’s ceramic container doesn’t follow the transparent industry standard, instead, it reflects the handcrafted nature of the product inside.

If you’re interested in ordering Ausdruck Der Natur, which is limited to a modest run of fifty bottles, you can contact Luka via [email protected].

Typefaces: Sneak by Tightype / Times Now by JHA
Photography: Julian Poropatich
DoP: Mateusz Najder / Roland Schafek
Web development: Thomas Strobl

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