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Kurppa Hosk’s identity for Securitas marks the company’s first major brand update since 1972

Since beginning in the Swedish city of Helsingborg in 1934, Securitas has grown into the world’s leading provider of security services, providing on-site guarding, electronic security, fire services and corporate risk management in over 50 countries to more than 150,000 clients. 2021 marks the launch of the first major update to Securitas’ visual identity since 1972 – the year in which the company was renamed from Förenade Svenska Vakt AB to Securitas in reference to the Roman goddess of security and stability – with a global identity system, brand positioning and communications platform created in partnership with Stockholm and New York-based brand agency Kurppa Hosk.

Building on the equity of the existing logo, which represents the company’s core values of ‘Integrity, Vigilance and Helpfulness’ through three red dots,’ Kurppa Hosk’s work introduces a bespoke sans serif type family, updated colour palette, cohesive icon set and ‘dot space’ pattern; forming the basis of a visual language that’s considerably more reflective of Securitas’ human, progressive and innovative approach.

The sheer size of the company had resulted in inconsistencies arising in previous iterations of the identity, meaning Kurppa Hosk’s biggest challenge was to ensure each experience and interaction with Securitas’ new brand is one of distinction and consistency, as well as the modern-day requirements of scalability and flexibility. As a result, their solution aims to be as clear, concise and straightforward as possible across all touchpoints.

Alongside the dynamic graphic components of the new identity, which start with applications across personnel uniforms, vehicles, equipment, facilities, digital tools and online channels, the brand concept ‘See a Different World’ will inform Securitas’ future communications strategy – aiming to transcend the security industry and resonate with audiences all around the world.

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