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Lagoon’s two flaming woks metaphorically inform their identity by Melbourne-based studio Never Now

Lagoon Dining is a mod-Asian eatery in Melbourne’s historic Italian district, Carlton, located at the site of the former historic Lygon Food Store. Their kitchen is built around two flaming woks, which became a central theme in the development of the restaurant.

Local studio Never Now was brought in to develop the name and identity, and interiors and signage alongside Olaver Architecture. The logo is set in Production Type’s Signal Compressed, which Never Now chose to customise by squaring off the outer edges of the characters to create high contrast.

The identity system imagines the restaurant’s two woks as a metaphorical lagoon that has no end of ingredients tossed into it. This, of course, informed the name, Lagoon, which is a wonderfully immersive word in the sense that it phonetically suggests itself. The common items in the restaurant, such as a chair and wine bottle, are made to look like they’re being absorbed by a lagoon and are depicted through a pixel illustration style inspired by Susan Kare, the designer of the original Apple symbols. There is a strong, intentional contrast between these hard-edged pixel graphics and the warm, soft-sounding name of the restaurant.

Photography: Nikki To for Buffet Digital
Typeface: Signal Compressed by Production Type

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