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Landscape explores the theme of ‘Intentional Distortions’ for the 2020 San Francisco Design Week

San Francisco Design Week is a week-long city-wide festival that showcases the ideas, designs and businesses that make the Bay Area one of the most influential creative districts in the world. Each year, the festival selects a design studio to develop the theme, visual identity and campaign, with Character, Manual, and Mucho having all taken the reins in previous years. For 2020, SFDW has partnered with local studio Landscape, exploring the theme of ‘Intentional Distortions’ ahead of the festival in June. The theme aims to challenge the design community to address familiarity, bias and what we know of reality.

Landscape was tasked with developing an idea that would resonate with, and beyond, the Bay Area’s rich design community. It needed to be broad enough to encompass the scope of design on show, from graphic to industrial, service, product, architectural and more. But most importantly, it needed to pose questions rather than answers – acting as a catalyst for conversation.

The campaign uses distorted photography and shapes to create images that play with reality. Familiar subjects related to current events, culture, design and location, are made to feel new. Over the coming months, the campaign will be rolled out globally across digital and social media.

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