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Living Example by Michael Thorsby

Living Example is a physical edition-based audio publication. Each publication is based around a project created by a featured artist and encapsulated onto extremely durable and heavy handmade resin discs.

Living Example is an initiative of myself and Cameron McKean, a Tokyo-based journalist. Beyond the will to create publications of work that intrigue us, the idea circles around the physical manifestation of audio in a time where archival structures for audio are frail.

Living Example publication no. 01 consists of an exploration of heritage sounds performed by experimental folk-ish musician Rickard Jäverling and Ingvar Grankvist, a traditional folk musician and builder of some of the instruments used in the performances.

The handmade record depicts the tiny village where Ingvar Grankvist lives and where the recordings took place.

Text: Michael Thorsby

Xavi Martínez

Fathom Architects by dn&co.