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Març’s packaging for Casa Cardona wines takes inspiration from 1960s op-art

Casa Cardona is a community-born project by a small group of friends, located in Barcelona’s Cardona Square. To celebrate their founders, they commissioned London-based Spanish designer Març to design the labels for a special collection of wines.

The resulting design expresses the personalities of the founders through a series of portraits that take inspiration from 1960s op-art paintings by Bridget Riley and Victor Vasarely. The portraits are the result of lighting experiments, playing with illusion and perception to capture depth and motion on a two-dimensional surface. Instead of snapshots, a projector and a video recorder were used to capture the movement of the light over the faces. A chunky display sans serif, Fivo Sans Modern, is used sparingly across the labels, once again evoking the 1960s.

Typeface: Fivo Sans Modern

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