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Marina Veziko’s identity for organic skincare brand Pauli & Sisters is punchy, perky and poppy

Found in Irvine, California, Pauli & Sisters produces healing oils for tackling commonplace skin conditions, such as scars, uneven skin toning and severe stretch marks. Environmentally and socially conscious at the core of their brand – from operating using 100% wind energy, contributions from each sale going to combat sex trafficking or the fully organic ingredients used in the products – Pauli & Sisters required an identity that could hold true to their founding philosophies whilst avoiding the tropes of the cosmetic industry.  

Achieving exactly that in a flourish of beautiful, vivid colours and ecstatic typographic energy, Helsinki-based designer Marina Veziko has subsequently brought a youthful and joyful tone to Pauli & Sisters with a typographically-led identity that is avoidant of organic cosmetic expectations. 

Tonally mirroring the sisters behind the brand due to their fundamental friendliness, Veziko opted for Sharp Sans and Beatrice from Sharp Type as the hero typeface pairing – visually manipulating the text to reference the use of the oil it is used on – alongside the nostalgia-driven Cooper Light for body text. “They’re fun, approachable and modern,” Veziko tells us, “but still neutral and timeless;” a sentiment also matching in the choice of colours. “Oftentimes organic cosmetics branding has muted, earthy colour palettes,” Veziko notes, “the Pauli & Sisters identity tries to steer away from that by introducing vivid, saturated colours in the packaging and overall branding,” justly adding, “because why not!” 

Directly inspired by the colour of their maiden product Repair serum, the hero colour of the brand is a vivid orange, providing a punchy, perky and poppy foundation for the products and packaging. This is complemented by the supporting pastel blue, used “for calming everything down a notch,” as Veziko explains, keeping a further grounding of sincerity and professionalism alongside the zing of the orange. “I wanted it to really stand out from other products on the shelf by being super bright, colourful and bold,” she recalls, “one of the most important elements of the packaging is the embossing on the leaves,” a symbolic guardian of skin used across the brand, and in this case providing a physical reference to such. “I wanted the haptic experience to kind of mimic imperfect and uneven skin texture,” Veziko adds, “to emphasise even more the typographic scar idea on the front.”

Typefaces: Sharp Sans by Sharp Type / Beatrice by Sharp Type / Cooper BT Light by Bitstream

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