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Meg’s Tailoring by Studio South

Meg’s Tailoring, a well-loved tailoring business with two stores in Auckland, were looking to update their brand identity in order to effectively communicate their ongoing ambition to provide quality service and exceptional customer experience. Our aim was to re-introduce Meg’s to the market in a fresh and contemporary way that re-established them as the first name in tailoring while taking into account the loyal customer base they had built from many years of successful operation.

Rather than start from scratch, we set out to evolve the existing brand identity taking what equity the existing brand had generated from the last 20 years, and building upon that. Commencing the design by re-drawing the logotype, we played off the concept of the most basic of tailoring jobs – re-sewing a button. This button is threaded throughout the identity in various detail, subtle in it’s treatment for print communications, it comes alive to create a strong street presence on both storefronts.

Muted pink and warm grey were added to the monochromatic colour palette to help keep the brand approachable and light. Each colour was paired with a gloss foil to add a sense of sophistication and feeling of quality that customers can expect from Meg’s Tailoring.

Text: Studio South


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