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Moby Digg’s identity for Bavarian carpenter EHAM reflects the intricacy of wooden structures

EHAM is a family-owned carpentry business from the German state of Bavaria that builds high-end kitchens, doors and staircases from premium wood with the utmost attention to detail. Since starting out as a wood workshop over 35 years ago, they have grown to also offer interior design, installation and project management.

EHAM has recently been rebranded by Munich-based studio Moby Digg, resulting in a visual identity that better reflects their craftsmanship and growth as a company. At the start of the process, Moby Digg decided that they would like to maintain some of the key elements from the old logo, such as the altered crossbars in the ‘E’ and ‘H’, to establish a connection with the previous identity. Based on these two letterforms, they created a variable typeface that morphs between the old and the new. The EHAM team were involved in the design process through a custom tool that allowed them to choose the placement of the crossbars in the new logo, giving them an identity that feels entirely their own.

The inspiration behind the typeface itself was the joints found in between pieces of wood, floors and walls. For Moby Digg, joints also symbolise the precise nature of EHAM’s work. The new typeface forms the basis of the identity’s grid system, as the ‘E’ is used to define the left margin and vertical distance between elements. The result is a tidy, modular system that plays with structure and form within white space, reflecting the intricate interplay of wooden structures.

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