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Mother Design’s graphic system for Bodily makes sense of complicated female medical topics

Mother Design was commissioned to name and brand a company that believes that when it comes to women’s bodies and the physical changes they experience, the things that no one talks about are the ones that need the most attention. Enter Bodily: a name that unapologetically addresses the topic at hand and reinforces the company’s role in helping people navigate their bodies, whatever shape, size, or stage of life.

Bodily is a content and direct-to-consumer platform of educational resources and products backed by clinical research, with an initial focus on birth and pregnancy recovery, and later, the ability to take on other transitional moments in a woman’s body.

The visual language created by Mother Design is strategically based around a universal graphic language, instead of the expected photography of women’s bodies. The rich palette of hues and tints is paired with a robust design system of shapes that reflect how our bodies are sometimes round and rough around the edges. The shapes also help to communicate medically complex and sensitive topics in a digestible way as well as forming the basis of a modular packaging system.

Photography: Spencer Blake

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