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Mucho’s friendly identity for the Piedmont Art Walk goes for a stroll with its local community

The Piedmont Arts Fund is a nonprofit supporting arts programmes within the district of Piedmont City Unified, California, that hosts an annual event exhibiting local artists and showcasing the work of school art programmes in the gardens of the local community. Named Piedmont Art Walk, the Piedmont Arts Fund needed a visual identity to carry the event, calling upon international design studio Mucho to provide it.

With a focus on engaging with the wider community, outside of the creative circle, as well as art-lovers alike, the resulting identity is incredibly fun – abundant in energy and playfulness which is simply administered through a classic, type-led approach. Channelling the notion of putting the people front and centre, Piedmont Art Walk’s logomark becomes a lively character across the brand, walking the walk the very same as the community members at the event. Folksy in its attitude, the identity’s success is the confidence in its elements; keeping things straightforward, while being friendly, playful and amenable in application. 

This is something not achieved without the dutiful reliance of A2-Type’s A2 Gothic as the one and only typeface. Powerful and characterful, A2 Gothic’s beautiful construction allows the typeface to both provide the sober typographic architecture of the identity, as well as dynamic and candid expression at its forefront.

As also seen through the uncluttered palette, using colour more pragmatically in order to create an eye-catching and unavoidable identity, Mucho’s have created an identity for the masses without pandering to anonymity or safety; instead crafting something both conspicuous and unpretentious.

Typeface: A2 Gothic by A2-TYPE

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