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Museo Arqueológico de Lanzarote by Folch

The Archaeological Museum of Lanzarote (Museo Arqueológico de Lanzarote) reopened in late 2018 after being purchased, and then rebuilt and refurbished by the Lanzarote City Council. Barcelona based design studio Folch were commissioned to create the identity of the museum.

They chose to use the full name of the museum, as the reduced version ‘MARQL’, doesn’t work verbally. The logotype is left aligned in 3 rows to mimic the shape of the building and the contemporary nature of the sans serif typeface contrasts with the building’s ancient contents. The identity system, which is built on a grid based on the archaeological excavation site of the museum, is used across books, flyers, posters and digital banners.

Typefaces: Founders Grotesk by Klim Type Foundry and Self Modern by Bretagne Type Foundry


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