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Mysterium Conjunctionis explores Margot Lévêque’s obsession with the collar

Mysterium Conjunctionis is a publication by French designer Margot Lévêque that explores the relationship between the body and the collars of clothing.

Margot states that: “Since I’m a child, I’m obsessed with collars of clothing. It could mean a lot of things about an individual’s identity. During my research, I also did a focus on the neck, where collars of clothing arise. The neck represents life: we breathe, we eat, we shout, we lose our voice, we suffocate… The neck is the biggest lodge of emotions. I chose a selection of collars that I like most and for each collar, I linked them with an emotion.”

The book never contains the word ‘collar’, and instead replaces it 396 times with the infinity symbol (∞), because aesthetically, it looks like a collar template used in the fashion industry.

The design uses two contrasting typefaces: Jannon Italic for emotional content such as quotes and Maison Neue for the purely informative and historical content. Margot’s own typeface, Romie, is used on the cover in combination with custom lettering and the spine is filled with redrawn pictograms from her sewing machine.

Typefaces: Maison Neue by Milieu Grotesque / Jannon / Romie by Margot Lévêque

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