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Naranjo-Etxeberria confidently combines Times New Roman and Helvetica for leather label DanCassab

Daniela Cassab founded her eponymously-named clothing label DanCassab in 2016 with a desire to foster design traditions and empower local communities by bringing exceptional leather craftsmanship from her native Mexico to the world. Closely following ‘The Power of One Single Garment’ as a critical brand value, the label has since grown to be stocked everywhere from the United States to Switzerland and Italy.

From their workshop in Mexico, DanCassab creates leather garments that are designed to be passed down and loved through generations. Each one comes with a story, often inspired by cultural icons or conversations with anonymous locals who found a connection to the brand.

With the timeless, personal nature of their garments in mind, Madrid-based studio Naranjo-Etxeberria set out to devise a visual identity with an equally immortal feel. Their solution combines two of the world’s most globally renowned and recognised typefaces, Times New Roman and Helvetica, into a unique, eclectic creation. Titled Sinergia Display, the new font is complementary and opposite, eccentric and harmonious at the same time, representing the individual and imperfect nature of a leather garment through its merged letterforms. The studio tells us that they found inspiration in historical contrasts, such as the difference between “Eero Saarinen’s organic designs and the rationalism of Mies Van der Rohe”.

In developing Sinergia, they explain that it was “a more complex exercise than joining the two fonts together”; instead, they had to “work each letter separately while thinking as a whole”. As a result, “the font has alternative characters” because “several interesting possibilities arose when joining them both together”. The typeface is used confidently and unapologetically in application, resulting in an identity system that successfully represents the one-of-a-kind personality of a handcrafted leather garment. 

Typefaces: Sinergia Display by Naranjo-Etxeberria / Helvetica by Max Miedinger / Times New Roman by Stanley Morison and Victor Lardent 

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