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OMCosmetics_2 OMCosmetics_3 OMCosmetics_4 OMCosmetics_5 OMCosmetics_6 OMCosmetics_1 OMCosmetics_7 produces a premium and pure packaging system for German skincare company OM

OM is a German unisex skincare company that makes products containing hyaluronic acid, an anionic with many benefits including dry skin alleviation, wrinkle reduction and faster wound healing. It’s produced naturally by within our bodies, impressively containing up to six litres of water per gram.

As a new brand within an extremely competitive, oversaturated market, OM required a visual identity and packaging system that would help them cut through the noise. In an attempt to make it happen, they sought out the help of Berlin-based design agency

They started by identifying that the product should instantly communicate its quality and effectiveness if it’s to have any chance of standing out on the shelves. A key consideration was what people value from other high-end skincare products: transparency, efficacy and clean ingredients.

For the typography, the agency selected Swiss foundry Dinamo’s Monument Grotesk, explaining that “transparency in formulas is critical for skincare brands and the compact typeface accommodated all of the ingredients on the different packages nicely”. The packaging is kept clean and simple in black-and-white, with a ‘Made in Germany’ tag placed front-and-centre to communicate the premium nature of the product. Overall, the visual identity has a matter-of-fact, technical aesthetic, making it feel reliable, well-made and honest.

Typeface: Monument Grotesk by Dinamo

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