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New Studio rebrands INFRINGE, a biannual magazine and online platform dedicated to hair culture

INFRINGE is a biannual magazine and online platform dedicated to hair culture. Based out of London, it was founded by Anthony and Pat Mascolo to help and promote creatives in the industry, including “the hairdressers, barbers and wigmakers using it as a medium for their craft, the photographers capturing hair culture across the globe, and the artists and activists challenging perceptions of hair”.

With the third issue of their magazine approaching, INFRINGE employed international design team New Studio to carry out a rebrand. Led by Dimitris Papazoglou in Thessaloniki and Axel Peemoeller in New York, they created a new identity system and online experience that highlights INFRINGE’s progressive content and celebrates the creatives working within the hair industry.

For the typography, the studio explains that they “deliberately chose two open Google Fonts – Archivo Black and Regular for the main headlines and body text, and Cormorant Regular for story headlines to create contrast and give an editorial feel”. Both typefaces are used boldly and dynamically throughout, resulting in a strong, confident and sophisticated aesthetic. On the website, New Studio reveals that “the balance between image and video vs written stories and interviews is designed to be explored seamlessly”, highlighted by a playful user journey that encourages exploration of new content.

Typefaces: Archivo by Omnibus-Type / Cormorant by Christian Thalmann

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