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North designs a fluid typographic identity system for The Coronet Theatre in London

The Coronet Theatre presents an eclectic programme of theatre, film, dance, music, poetry and visual art from a Grade II listed building in London’s Notting Hill. It originally started in 1898 and often found King Edward VII and other notable figures watching its productions. In 1923, it became the Coronet Cinema as films began to rise in popularity, prospering for many years before eventually becoming neglected due to the emergence of other venues around London.

Anda Winters took over in 2014 as the Artistic Director and CEO and has been instrumental in the building’s restoration and new events programme. The newly reimagined Coronet Theatre combines grand architecture with an intimate 195-seat auditorium, candlelit hallways, antique décor and theatre bar.

As part of this ongoing refurbishment, London-based agency North helped the theatre return to its original name with a bold typographic identity. The logotype, with its justified characters, gives the venue a simple, recognisable mark and quite literal coronet. The extended typographic language reflects the characteristics of the building’s interior. At its core is Milieu Grotesque’s Maison Neue Mono, used playfully in combination with Colophon Foundry’s expressive serif Fortescue and Linotype’s ITC Edwardian Script.

North found great inspiration in the original play-texts and printed collateral from The Coronet Theatre’s past that were located in the V&A’s archive. They were enamoured by the coronet symbols they found, and while carefully avoiding a pastiche, used them as the starting point for a series of hand-drawn pen and ink illustrations that appear on beer bottles, tote bags and staff badges.

Typefaces: Maison Neue Mono by Milieu GrotesqueFortescue by Colophon FoundryITC Edwardian Script by Linotype

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