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North refreshes the International Paralympic Committee’s identity ahead of Tokyo 2020

The International Paralympic Committee is the global governing body for the Paralympic Movement. They act as the international federation for a range of Para Sports and organise the Paralympic Games every two years. Tokyo 2020 is expected to reach 5 billion viewers, making it the biggest event in the organisation’s history.

The Paralympic symbol has been in use since the 2006 Winter Paralympics in Turin, Italy. Although the symbol has become recognised internationally, the organisation has lacked a broader visual identity to support it. London-based agency North was approached to build a system around the existing symbol that would unify the IPC’s visual output and contribute to the wider aim of challenging existing perceptions around disability.

The symbol itself has been completely redrawn with added geometry in order to resolve a number of practical reproduction issues with important applications, including the production of three-dimensional signage and clarity at small scales. The red, blue and green palette has been brightened to make the symbol consistent with the Olympic rings. A set of patterns derived from the geometry and colours of the new symbol offer an alternative to photography, for instances such as the Anti Doping Guidelines, which nobody wants to be on the front cover of. These elements come together to form a flexible design system that encourages consistency across a broad variety of materials, from athlete handbooks to the IPC’s video channels.

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