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Nother Studio’s identity for wine bar vinvinvin is simple, honest and a little bit silly

vinvinvin is a 70-seater wine bar in Montreal that exclusively serves organic wines. The name is a reference to the three types of people in the wine industry: those who make it, those who serve it, and those who drink it. The bar is a collaboration between partners Da Fonseca, chef Marina De Figueiredo from fine dining restaurant Candide, and Antonin Frenette-Laporte from local brasserie ISLE de GARDE.

As head chef, De Figueirido has created a range of simple dishes made with products from local suppliers she knows from her days at Candide. “She still has a passion for some producers that we have in Quebec, people that she loves,” Da Fonseca explained. “It’s really a human project. We want to work with humans that share the same values as we do, in the winemaking, in the food making.”

vinvinvin’s identity, designed by Nother Studio, reflects the bar’s ethos: ‘You don’t need to know wine to enjoy it’. The graphic language revolves around the adventures of Jean Jus, a ‘bon vivant’ character illustrated by Catherine Potvin. The jovial and silly nature of the illustrations, combined with the simplicity of the typography, makes the art of wine feel approachable and fun. There’s no room for any pretentiousness at vinvinvin. No Château or Domaine, just good wine and good people.

Illustration: Catherine Potvin

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