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Oddity develops a system of bespoke ampersands for Sheraton’s hotel lobby café &More

&More is a café and patisserie located in the communal lobby space at international hotel chain Sheraton’s Hong Kong location. It offers a menu fit for every time of day, serving everything from coffee, fresh juice and pastries to craft beer, wine and bar snacks, while playing host to families and remote workers alike. Local studio Oddity, commissioned to name and brand the space, came up with ‘&More’ to celebrate its dynamic flexibility.

With Hong Kong being the first of more than 400 global locations, &More’s identity needed to be adaptable and robust while operating within Sheraton’s colour guidelines. As a result, the brand revolves around a system of bespoke ampersands, which Oddity explains “allows hotels in different locations to set the right aesthetic”, adding as an example that “one ‘&’ is more like a Chinese symbol – it would work well for Shanghai” while another that’s “like a soft ribbon is better for resort locations”.

The ampersands are woven into the brand language, creating chains of words that define different moods such as mornings, evenings, work and play, before consistently ending with ‘&More’. To allow the ampersands to be the star of the show, Oddity chose DM Sans as the primary typeface, squaring a handful of letters in order to “make a contrast with the soft and curvy ‘&’ glyphs”.

Typeface: Custom version of DM Sans by Colophon Foundry and Jonny Pinhorn

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