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The Office of Ordinary Things’ identity for Sweep reflects the salon’s hand-painted practice

Sustainability-focused and purpose-led, The Office of Ordinary Things – or TOOT – is a design studio with the future in mind. Located in San Francisco, TOOT have developed the visual identity for Boulder and Denver-based Sweep; a salon specialising in balayage, a traditional, hand-painted method of dying hair.

Mirroring the gradial results of balayage, TOOT’s identity champions a colourful, sectioned gradient; resulting in a friendly and seemingly retro tone of voice. This vibe is also reflected in the use of Columbia Sans, the heavy contrast and distinctive weights of which seem at home both in the 1970s and in Sweep’s identity.

Brilliantly blending this retro feel with modern sensibilities, Columbia Sans is partnered with Vulf Mono – a joyful and charismatic typeface that truly enlivens the identity with a sense of candour – as well as Domaine Text for the brand’s body copy. “Vulf Mono was chosen to round out the hierarchy,” TOOT’s Jonathan Black tells us, “and add a touch of playfulness to balance the elegant nature of Columbia Sans Display and Domaine Text.”

Sweep’s combination of colour and type is then paired with a series of distinct illustrations, serving to emphasise the hand-painting and hands-on approach of the salon. “Initially, the hand illustration grew out of a need to demonstrate how a product works on the packaging,” Black recalls, before developing more general illustrations due to the client’s love for them. “Focus on the hand is a core element of the brand,” Black concludes, “and the idea was extended to other areas as well,” physically manifesting in the locally hand-painted outdoor signage and the signature pattern behind the salons counter.

Typefaces: Columbia Sans by Production Type / Vulf Mono by OH no Type Company / Domaine Text by Klim Type Foundry

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