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Olssøn Barbieri’s identity for CF18 Chocolatier pays tribute to the founder’s civil engineering past

A few years ago, civil engineer Christian Fredrik Furuholmen decided to give up his day job and study at the esteemed London-based culinary school, Le Cordon Bleu, with the hope of realising his lifelong dream of becoming a chocolatier. After successfully finishing the course, he was able to set up his own company: CF18 Chocolatier. Following a great start, Furuholmen employed Oslo-based studio Olssøn Barbieri to create a cohesive visual identity for the brand that would aid its movement up the commercial ladder.

The studio was fascinated by the backstory of a civil engineer working in artisan chocolate production and, therefore, set out to create an identity based on the precision, innovation and craft that unites both disciplines. Engineering is intimately linked to geology and building, with both using stone as the primary material. Stones transform from liquid to solid, just like the process of melting and tempering chocolate. Olssøn Barbieri saw this as the perfect opportunity to create a narrative for CF18 that connects the decor of chocolates with Norwegian stones and minerals by imitating their patterns and colours.

The oval brand mark highlights the tools common to both chocolatiers and geologists, underlining their craft and creativity, and the foiled glassine paper references the periodic table, creating a subtle link to chemistry. These elements, as well as the packaging’s deep blind-emboss, tear-off opening, monochrome palette and expressive typography, represent CF18’s contemporary philosophy as well as a sense of modern luxury.

The custom chocolate boxes swerve industry convention by containing no plastic whatsoever. Instead, they are constructed from a range of FSC-certified paper stocks, including the highly mouldable FibreForm, 100% recycled Eska and 100% rayon Textile Seveso. This allows for a completely modular build that uses one paper inlay with 12 compartments for all three box sizes, inspired by the drawers that geological museums use to house precious stones. By using these innovative materials and absolutely no glue to combine them, in a construction process that takes place just two hours from CF18’s base, the chocolates are contained within a completely sustainable packaging system.

Typefaces: Adieu by Good Type Foundry / Laica by Dinamo

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