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Omar Nieto by Diferente

This law firm, originally called Nieto & Povedano, specialises in administrative law. It was focused on providing legal services, management and advice for companies and people who perform leisure activities for adults.

A restructuring of the firm led to rethink the business model approach with the need to expand their services and attract potential customers from other sectors. Without leaving aside the excellence, involvement and adaptability that characterise them in solving all kinds of problems.

The analytical research led to the solution to evolve with a change of image under a new name, Omar Nieto — giving prominence to the surname of the founder — and strengthen the positioning of the business as a Law Boutique: a descriptive used by specialised law firms that provide high quality legal solutions with closeness and personalised service.

The differential value of the boutique is to emphasise a sober and elegant identity system which takes pride of place through the symbol constructed from the initials of the brand, seeking to represent unity, protection and equality.

Text: Diferente