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OMSE creates a decomposing identity for sustainable packaging platform Grounded

Grounded is a platform for the world’s most innovative and sustainable packaging products. They aim to remove plastics from the supply chain altogether and help conscious brands and businesses ‘LEAVE NOTHING BEHIND’.

All of their products, which are strictly vetted for both quality and environmental impact, are 100% recyclable or decompose in less than 182 days. Everything they offer is fully customisable; and pricing is based on the impact a company makes, not the amount that they spend.

London-based studio OMSE was commissioned to develop Grounded’s visual identity to reflect their forward-thinking strategy. They teamed up with close collaborator Family Type to design a brand typeface that decomposes as you type, quite literally. They did this by using ‘contextual alternatives’, working with the foundry’s variable sans serif Universal Sans as a base. This technique allows different combinations of glyphs to cause alternate glyphs to appear through a randomising script, creating a vast range of visual possibilities. This flexibility allows the identity to be dialled up or down, depending on the application.

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