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ORIGEN MÉXICO captures Blok Design’s love for Mexican culture

ORIGEN MÉXICO originates from Blok Design’s love for Mexico. The book captures the talents, passions, thoughts, textures, flavours and sensibilities that have shaped the country’s culture. Its encyclopaedic collection of references cover topics such as the innovative work of film director Alfonso Cuarón and the black clay pottery of Oaxaca.

The book transcends time and space to deliver narratives that are layered, rich and authentic. This is emphasised by the use of a thin carbon paper that shows through to the below pages. The sans serif typeface – an unreleased design by Swiss type studio Robert Huber – compliments the powerful imagery and bold use of colour.

All profits from sales of the book support accessible education in Mexico through the Fundacion Becar charity.

Editors: Ámbar Editores / Paola Gonzalez Vargas
Typeface: Robert Huber

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