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Paleet by Neue

We have recently worked on the repositioning of a venerable Oslo brand – department store Paleet. A well established destination for shopping, with a refurbished interior and a totally new attitude.

Paleet has a prime location on Oslo’s main street Karl Johan. The owner, property company KLP, decided to make a total renovation to reposition the brand and to increase the store’s visibility in the city centre. The ambition was to create a destination for fashion and lifestyle as Oslo has never seen before. Neue developed the branding strategy, visual identity, photo and art direction, website and launch campaign.

The new Paleet is an unconventional and inspiring venue. We developed a visual universe and a logo with several functions – as a traditional emblem, a striking and dynamic brand element and a symbol of the new Paleet experience. The identity is meant to express Paleet’s warm and vital personality. Its duality – elegance vs rebellion, absurdity vs beauty, prudence vs boisterousness, shows a human dimension. We also added a touch of Scandinavian simplicity and continental elegance.

Text: Neue

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