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Peep return for their third issue with a fresh face and an enlivened emphasis on creative play

Having made a splash when debuted in 2017, Peep is barrelling into their third issue all guns blazing with a fresh new look, but with the same enthusiasm and electric spirit of the preceding issues. Focusing on the idea of side projects in the creative scene, along with the freedom and opportunity they afford, the Peep team look to celebrate anything from the wonderful to the whimsical and the exciting to the questionable; following work that is not only vivacious but necessary. 

“When looking at a Peep feature,” the Peep team tell us, “we want the reader to feel inspired to pursue their own side projects,” elaborating that this could mean the “passion, desire, and fearlessness of their makers must shine through, in the most authentic way possible.” For the first time in this issue, however, Peep is breaking new ground and inviting discourse concerning the entire encompassing practice of individuals or studios. “We’re examining a shift in how the line between professional practice and the side project is becoming increasingly blurry” they explain, mirroring this deliberation of creative consideration and candid conversation in their overarching visual approach to issue three. 

Hoping to remain defiant to the typical expectations that come lumbered with magazines, whilst wanting to create something that has the feel of one, the Peep team achieved the latter though the evolution of their editorial layout. “Peep 3 looks and feels like a regular magazine in many ways: two columns of text, big titles and full-bleed imagery,” they recall, adding that at the same time “it looks and feels a little different too.” In allowing plenty of breathing space, their visual system allows for the content, and indeed the design, to flourish alongside the mature, muted colour palette chosen for the issue. All of which combined culminate in a diligent, conscientious and aggressively contemporary editorial identity which, if indicative of what the future holds for Peep, is very exciting indeed.  

Another new introduction to Peep is the welcome addition of a revived logomark; taking the form of an adjustable system that is unique for each upcoming title. “Since Peep features projects with a playful tone, we’ve created a logo device which allows for play, too,” the team explain, determining a structure of peripheral P’s that frame the bespoke E’s for each edition. “Every issue from now on will have a new variation of the logo,” they note, “the current logo on the issue three cover being the first expression of this new approach,” with an enterprising and industrious maiden script created by Colin Doerffler.

Accompanying Doerffler’s bespoke type is an exciting collection of both complementary and contrary typefaces including the likes of Bold Decisions’ Lars Regular and Lars Mono as well as Garamond and Kia Tasbihgou’s peerless typeface Corso. “We wanted to have plenty of variety in type, so having a couple of fonts – one regular and one mono – was hugely helpful when creating rhythm and variety through the magazine,” Peep justify, signifying the importance of pacing, consistency and discrepancy. 

In discussing the journey from where Peep began to its latest incarnation, the team start at the beginning; whilst they were living in Amsterdam in 2017. “We wanted to showcase the countless amazing side projects which were popping up around us, which we felt weren’t getting enough attention,” they explain, seeing creativity “in its purest sense” and personal expression external to commercial or professional work which can often be the most creatively draining exercise. This initial aim, however, seems to have been obscured for the better as time progressed, adding further emphasis on the need for creative play as well as their more explicit objective of side project documentation. “The definition of what makes a side project a side project is something that we’re constantly questioning,” they add, “and this will continue as we look towards the future of Peep.” 

On reflection, the Peep team discuss the challenges that have led them to where they are today, after facing a year-long delay as well as the irony of their very own side-project having to be put to the side as their respective professional practices took priority. “This has been frustrating,” they recall “but has only given us even more respect for the side projects which creatives pour their hearts into, day-in, day-out.” Wanting to thank their collaborators and readers who have stuck with them across the third issue’s tumultuous timeline, Peep have found that the hardships faced in the production of this issue have made the final magazine all the more special.

In keeping with their own creation, the team tells us “we’ve always said we don’t know where we’re going with this – and that’s exactly the point,” adding “we’re just messing around and we can’t wait to see what happens.”

Available to buy now, get your own copy of Peep 3 at and follow their future progress via @peep_publication.

Size: 170mm x 240mm
Pages: 153
Typefaces: Lars by Bold Decisions / Lars Mono by Bold Decisions / Adobe Garamond by Robert Slimbach / Corso by Kia Tasbihgou

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