The Brand Identity

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Gunter_Piekarski_Peet_Rivko_C Gunter_Piekarski_Peet_Rivko_A Gunter_Piekarski_Peet_Rivko_D Gunter_Piekarski_Peet_Rivko_E Gunter_Piekarski_Peet_Rivko_F Gunter_Piekarski_Peet_Rivko_G Gunter_Piekarski_Peet_Rivko_H Gunter_Piekarski_Peet_Rivko_J

Peet Rivko by Gunter Piekarski

Peet Rivko is a line of plant-based products for sensitive skin. Founded in Brooklyn by Johanna Peet, the brand has crafted a range of simple and clean products which include zero toxins and zero irritants.

Our identity design is in direct response to the ‘less is more’ mentality adopted by the brand. This reductional approach allowed us to create a simpler, more effective graphic system. Use of the logo characters as playful, interactive elements, results in direction which otherwise could have been perceived as cold and impersonal.

Text: Gunter Piekarski

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