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Perdisacca by Sandro Dujmenovic Design Studio

Perdisacca is a cold pressed extra virgin olive oil from Bale, Istria just north of the Adriatic cost of Croatia, and per Flos Olei catalog among the top 500 oils in the world. It’s a family owned agro-tourism business, which consists of a villa, and olive oil produced from an orchard surrounding the villa.

The name Perdisacca comes from a more than century old story retold in the family — great grandfather Giorgio lost a leather saddlebag in a field where today lies the olive grove surrounding the old Istrian Villa. The whole village made him a laughing stock, and the mayor changed the name of the location into Perdisacca, which in Italian means ‘perdere il sacco’ — to lose a bag (or a saddlebag). Such story inspired the design — we had to create an invisible label, which put the emphasis on old type, from Garamond, Futura and Albertus plus the logo written in St. Croce inspired by old church marble intarsia. The reference on the lost bag can be found on the embossed map, old as much as the olive grove, where you can find Perdisacca itself if you are persistent enough to play with the light and to touch the label.

Before tasting, you need to remove the cap, which has the full story, and anyone just needs to read it and experience it. The land, the fruit and tradition that opens up when you remove the cap and open up the first time this exquisite oil.

Text: Sandro Dujmenovic Design Studio

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