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Plume WiFi by Character

The internet is an ever-present part of our lives. It’s how we connect and communicate with the world around us. Yet even with all the advancements in broadband internet, we still know the frustration of watching a spinning wheel on our screens. The problem? Home WiFi. That’s why Plume assembled a team of industry heavyweights to set a new standard for awesome WiFi, and to abandon the router once and for all.

When choosing a home networking solution, many consumers defer to tech-savvy friends, nerdy uncles or just blindly trust their internet providers. It’s rarely a good experience and almost always a complicated one. So even though Plume is solving complex challenges, we wanted the experience to feel effortless, fresh — fun even.

Character helped Plume frame the product simply, as a solution that can actively adapt to the people, devices, and habits within a home. By reinforcing adaptability and leading with benefits, not features, we were able to drive home the true promise of Plume — an unconditional connection.

Character created a visual language free of complexity — complimenting the unobtrusive and integrated nature of the Plume WiFi experience. The design process was guided by two fundamental attributes of the product experience: adaptability and context. ‘Adaptability’ helped to define an aesthetic that is seamlessly integrated into the product experience by visual means of transparency, reflectivity, or modularity.

‘Context’ guided details that supported where the product was being experienced—in the home. This lead to opportunities to create subtle moments across applications, especially packaging, that embraced softer, neutral materials and colour palettes (such as felt, suede, and gold) to provide a more grounded, lifestyle tone to a generally lifeless category.

With its open form and radiating lines, the Plume logomark embodies the limitless adaptability of the Plume experience. The modular, hexagonal geometry of the mark is reminiscent of both structural and molecular spaces. This makes it the perfect form to connect technology and user. The signature (or logotype) avoids all too familiar tech styling with custom-drawn serif letterforms that add a humanist tone to the identity as a whole.

Text: Character

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