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Plus Mûrs’ enticing identity for OURROS reflects the company’s two arms with two heads

Operating across the pond, Parisian design studio Plus Mûrs have worked alongside Los Angeles-based creative studio and music management company OURROS, a name inspired by the ancient symbol of a snake eating its own tail, on the creation of their internally reflective identity. Ruminative of the people behind the company at its core – even basing the brand’s grid on eleven columns for the eleven employees – Plus Mûrs have distilled a simplicity and warmth to their typographic identity system, reflective of the friendship focused company. 

Making no secret of its dual practice, in fact making a feature of it instead, OURROS’ identity incorporates a two-headed snake at the front and centre of the brand’s ephemera – one head relating to each part of their practice. Discussing the change from the illustrative snake within the original brand, Nassim Bouaza of Plus Mûrs explains “the previous symbol was an OUROBOROS snake eating itself with a circle shape,” adding, “the duality has to be shown on the new logomark, so we embraced the imagery of the OUROBOROS but in a way that wasn’t eating itself.” In a successful, less self-devouring realignment, the logomark itself achieves the dual application that it needed; striking enough to stand individually as well as supportive enough to exist within the wordmark – a wordmark made possible by Edition Studio.

Implementing Edition Studio’s Syndicat Grotesk across the identity, supported by the reserved Foundry Plek by The Foundry Types, Plus Mûrs have crafted a typographic system which is equal parts elementary, innocuous and friendly – resulting in an inviting and enticing identity.

Typefaces: Syndicat Grotesk by Edition Studio / Foundry Plek by The Foundry Types

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