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Plus Mûrs’ LFP N°04 celebrates the ‘soft and rigid’ work of photographer Léonard Méchineau

Les Fichiers Photographiques is a series of printed publications developed by Paris-based design studio Plus Mûrs. The fourth issue, stylised as ‘LFP N°04 © LM 282P’, continues the theme of celebrating one photographer per issue by shining a light on the work of Léonard Méchineau. The studio was attracted to the surreal quality of their fellow Paris resident’s still-life imagery, describing it as “pure beauty”. His minimalistic photographs depict an abstract beauty, often revolving around unusual textures and otherworldly forms.

The book revolves around images taken at the Saint Nazaire Port in the west of France, an area known for its imposing, heavy metallic structures that rest on the water. The 282 images, when viewed together as a collection, portray a mesmerising marriage of ‘softness and rigidity’. Plus Mûrs wanted this feeling to communicated by every part of the publication, and as a result, encased it within a blue liquid-filled jacket. The curvy elegance of WiseType’s serif WT Monarch, paired with the neutral sans Neue Haas Grotesk, further captures the atmosphere of Méchineau’s work.

Typefaces: WT Monarch by WiseType / Neue Haas Grotesk by Max Miedinger
Pages: 137
Size: 195mm x 270mm
Poster: 500mm x 700mm
Binding: PUR


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