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PORTO ROCHA devise a maximalist, vibrant and unpredictable identity for Netflix Brazil’s Tudum

Unable to proceed with their planned in-person live show due to COVID-19, Netflix Brazil’s four-day extravaganza Tudum switched lanes, manifesting as an exciting, outrageously vibrant and joyful 116-page publication; packed to the rafters with interviews, puzzles, quizzes and more.

Designed by New York-based design studio PORTO ROCHA, Tudum’s publication puts the max in maximalist, and does so in a totally unapologetic and typographically punchy way; featuring tonal surprise and compelling graphic layouts in a multitude of compelling, vibrant and unpredictable combinations.

Utilising a bold typographic pairing alongside the book’s mass of colour, illustration and imagery, PORTO ROCHA utilised the diligence of Colophon Foundry’s Grenette for body text alongside the character of Radim Pesko’s Agipo Bold Condensed to create an immersive typographic world that is both referential to the pop culture content, and comprehensive enough to carry the weight of the book’s volume.

Typefaces: Agipo by Radim Pesko / Grenette by Colophon Foundry
Photography: Mari Juliano
Illustration: Butcher Billy / Camila Rosa / Carlo Giovani / Fabrizio Lenci / Lebassis / Giovanna Cianelli / Paula Cruz
Print: Leograf Gráfica E Editora

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