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The process behind The Process Two: a selection of unused and unseen designs from our second book

Following our article looking at the initial design files from our first book (here), we are sharing a selection of unused workings from its sequel, The Process Two. Working within the constraints of our typeface, CoType Foundry’s RM Neue, and a black-and-white palette, the designs are very much iterative, shown in the exact order they were created as we experimented with various interlinked ideas and layouts until it felt aesthetically and tonally correct.

For those unfamiliar with the series, The Process is a series of books showcasing the unused and unseen ideas, concepts, mockups and sketches that are created during the branding process. As of 2020, we have published three editions, which have included never seen before work from studios such as COLLINS, DIA, Bureau Borsche, Vrints-Kolsteren and Two Times Elliott for clients including Nike, Squarespace, vitaminwater and many more.

The Process (Digital Edition)
The Process Two (Digital Edition)
The Process Three

CUSP’s Bauhaus-inspired...

JUNO and Lineto’s collaborative...